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Twist deficient reflection to enterprise of state-owned Edible Oil Machine

Oil serves as open the door one of 7 things, everybody need, indispensable. Normally, have the company of state-owned Edible Oil Machine of so advantageous condition, should be fiery, but the fact is not however such. In company of giant state-owned Edible Oil Machine, real support " oily " and achieve bigger beneficial result, hear rarely however, of occurrence deficit not scarce however. Accordingly, analyse the current situation of enterprise of state-owned Edible Oil Machine calmly, appropriate solves the problem of existence, the outlet of seek enterprise, the issue that became various government to the leader of commissariat branch is being explored actively and think especially. Show the knowledge according to the individual, talk about bit of view, for concerning leader reference. One, the reason about loss of company of Edible Oil Machine the first, the influence of national policy and restrict. Produce the earthnut of Edible Oil Machine and soya bean, belong to farming the category of by-product. To maintain the interest of the farmer, the country adopted the policy that the price protects, and the peanut oil that comes out from this and yellow soya-bean oil, it is one of projects of urban food basket, its price also gets the control of national prices. Accordingly, enterprise of state-owned Edible Oil Machine, although also be ' be afraid of advocate manage, assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses " , but under photograph comparing, it however unlike other company is euqally real ' we advocate " . Come by 1994 at the beginning of 1995, the price of earthnut is 300O multivariate 2 tons, peanut oil is 13 yuan 1 kilogram; Come by 1995 at the beginning of 1996, . . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Guangxi commissariat economy " 1998 05 period Shanghai agriculture science and technology

Ration of law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph analyses K_1 of the vitamin in soybean oil

One, introductive Lv Bcarer reviewed 19 namely the document of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph has the vitamin K year ago the content that a few papers reported vitamin K and the color atlas action of concerned material but the concentrated juice color atlas that what basically care is mixture of pure reference materials (HPLc) depart has minority. General oil of source of a kind of the oil of HPLC method soybean that we developed content of K of a vitamin in measuring yellow soya-bean oil is vitamin K rich nutrition is passed enzymatic solution, extraction and have alumina liquid further, solid layer analyse (LsC) is rarefied attainable suit HpLc. On column with constant wash out of 3 yuan of mobile photographs comes out vitamin K by the depart in the other peak of appearance fluid. (of 2 collect experiment. ^ . ) spectrophotometer of an alterable wavelengh (L C75Pcrkin-ELmer) and appearance of a data processing (deep and remote N KyotoJ aids one RIBShima of Chr handsome AlOPae)C namely) . A spectrophotometer (LC56B. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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