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Unwilling do the 2nd in grain again market of cloth dot Edible Oil Machine

A few days ago, the sea food oily industry that is located in Guangxi to prevent city harbor city (the harbor that prevent a city) the practice of limited company, those who indicate national cloth orders the oil business system of group of the food in the move is farther perfect, the angle of manufacturers of two big Edible Oil Machine is farther at the same time aggravate. Grain meaning is in in the first intent makes clear share of market of loot Edible Oil Machine further. $$   is in home, press market share, the brand of Edible Oil Machine of two large centers is Jin Long respectively Yu Hefu faces the door, both is one of main trailblazer of market of Chinese fine Edible Oil Machine. Although, the market is ranked now the first, Yu Hefu of second gold dragon faces the door to belong to company of two big groups respectively -- , Jialiji is round group of the food in mixing, but once, these two brands still have " close predestined relationship " of the relation. $$   is very long period of time, although in food group basically is produced " blessing faces the door " series Edible Oil Machine, but in grain also is at the same time " Jin Long fish " and " Lu Hua " one of main shareholder. By 2001, food group develops the strategy according to oneself in, sold place hold " golden dragon fish " total equity, center resource and energy to be made with all one's strength " blessing faces the door " brand. From now on, also light a know clearly the smoke of gunpowder of market of contention of group of brand of two big Edible Oil Machine. In Guangxi oily apart of grain of sea of the harbor that prevent a city is less than 50 meters is " golden dragon fish " product line; Be in " golden dragon fish " base area Zhen nearby, "Blessing faces the door " product line. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance China manages newspaper agriculture

Share of market of high-end Edible Oil Machine will increase 2013

The place of high-end Edible Oil Machine that as the people attention to health and low end the fall of space of profit of Edible Oil Machine predicts market of Chinese Edible Oil Machine is medium 2013 occupies portion to will increase considerably. The brand of high-end Edible Oil Machine that Shang Pu seeks advice from food industry analyst to think market of Edible Oil Machine of Chinese high end has latent capacity future to will a large number of brands roll out him very much. The market potential of high-end Edible Oil Machine is tremendous the reason has 3 is the raw material such as soja, earthnut rises in price above all make low end the space of profit of production cost heighten of Edible Oil Machine narrows; next because near future provision is safe,quality problem frequency is sent about turning gene Edible Oil Machine, ground. Again national policy also makes of high-end Edible Oil Machine make more advantageous. Basis " food industry " 925 " development plans " the production that guiding principle country will expand tea seed oil, walnut oil, olive oil actively to wait for xylophyta oil henceforth in order to promote grease breed diversity. And the raw material such as colza, walnut is in our country resourceful quality is good these are the mass-produced creation of high-end Edible Oil Machine. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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