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Use amylaceous industrial waste water to develop microbial grease

The fat of Edible Oil Machine of 0 foreword tradition basically originates use a plant. Current population increases people to grow to the demand year after year of grease ceaselessly [fat of 1]edible Oil Machine appears demand exceeds supply the trend that rise in price. Microbial grease also says for one-celled grease [the influence that 2] uses microbial production grease to produce low place of periodic short cost to need labour force not to suffer field, season, climate less to change at the same time [3] and commercialize value to be able to apply extensively at health care to taste potentially, feed and. At present some starch produce an enterprise to did not undertake to liquid waste organic liquid waste causes serious environment to pollute be handlinged effectively discharging these high concentration directly [5] . In the light of this one current situation measure of this technology of biology of research have the aid of is used microbial ferment method the food by-product with use inferior value -- fat of Edible Oil Machine of translate into of amylaceous industrial waste water [6] uses amylaceous industrial waste water to be main raw material to petroliferous bacterium individual plant the petroliferous character of education radical undertook filtration; is preliminary optimize. Use starch industrial waste water and. . . (The article in all 5 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " journal of Shenyang Normal University (science edition) " 2016 03 period brand (next half moon)

Use microbial the research current situation that ferments industrial waste water produces oil

Search new-style cleanness pressingly as the increasingly prominent people of the sources of energy and environmental problem but the eye shot that derv of biology of second birth the sources of energy depended on its distinct advantage to enter people. Biology derv can use crude oil to be raw material. Using vegetable oil from the point of current manufacturing technology is main producer goods. But the bottleneck that produced cost to cause biology derv industrialization higher to develop from this. The pollution that according to microbial growth the characteristic used cheap industrial waste water to reduced manufacturing cost to reduce pair of environments at the same time not only has wide applied perspective because of this research. One, petroliferous microbial reach microbial grease to produce a characteristic microbial grease is petroliferous microbial the 20% above that wait for carbohydrate, hydrocarbon and average fat the grease that carbolic source translate into stores in great quantities inside bacterium body to hold bacterium body dry weight commonly below certain condition [1] . (One) the microzyme in petroliferous microbial phyletic nature, mould, bacterium, alga a lot of microbial can produce oil. The sticks red yeast fat content in microzyme is highest can amount to 72% . Yeast of Gong Dong Bao, this the content of the oldest fat of type yeast can amount to 60%~67% . Mould fizzles out mediumly to be able to be amounted to by content of Bao mildew fat 86% downy clubs pledge mildew amounts to mildew of 75% branches wool 65% . The fat content that the Cong Lizao in small alga, salt gives birth to chlorella of bead of Du Zao, pink is in 40% above. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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