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Vegetable oil refining plant for sale The fine craft of colza edible oily refined oil

The fine craft of colza edible oily refined oil

The fine craft of colza edible oily refined oil (one) the fine craft of oily refined oil of edible of common edible colza filters crude oil place contains foreign matter to be more than 0.2% , to hydrate stops degree for 90'C-95 ℃ , the quantity that add water is crude oil the 3-3.5 of colloid content times, dehydration is dry temperature not under 90'C, operate absolutely pressure to not be more than 8 1000 handkerchief. To soak crude oil, vacuum takes off those who divide solvent to stop degree for wife 1400, operate absolutely intensity of pressure to form a cluster 8 1000 handkerchief, tuo Rong's time is " 2.5-3 hour, make dissolvent of the remain in edible vegetable oil is under 50 X 10-‘ . The crude oil that to according with GB index of price of oleic acid of 2 class edible asks, can avoid at having the treatment of alkaline refine working procedure.

Colza leaves the fine craft of class edible oil

1. technological process rapeseed is advanced edible is oily, include advanced cooking oil and salad oil. In the working procedure of to hydrate come unglued of craft of advanced edible oily fine, undertake adding acid (phosphoric acid) degum is necessary. Such, can reduce the rudimental phosphatide amount in oily refined oil of degum colza edible effectively, be helpful for sequel the operation of each working procedure undertakes. In the cooling oil after deodorization is reached before deodorization begins, add person minim citric acid, the oxidation stability that can improve advanced edible oil effectively and gust stability. Colza edible oily refined oil is a kind of crude salad oil, need not undertake the winter is changed commonly when production or dewax.

The operation point of craft of fine of 2. intermittent type adjusts oil of wool colza edible at the beginning of refined oil lukewarm to 40C, add a person to take oily amount 0.1%- - 0.2% , chroma is the industrial phosphoric acid of 85% , and with fast (60 turn / cent) agitate undertakes degum half hours. Add a person next alkaline solution of 16 Baume degrees, have alkaline temper with fire (operation method sees) of the 2nd chapter. Exceed the 0.1%-0.3% that alkali number weighs for oil among them. In the meantime, fast agitate, add agitate of alkaline succeed add 30 minutes. Coagulate when black bead when analyse gathers, lower mix rate, make oil stops rise to be controlled to “ ℃ , hour of quiet place 6-8, depart gives black base. Will divide the edible vegetable oil that go out to warm up to 65'C, the 1-2 of hot water catharsis that uses 75'C-80 ℃ second. When catharsis, agitate cannot pass fast, catharsis water consumption is the 10%-15% with heavy oil every time, after quiet place depart gives waste water, bath oil is in absolutely pressure is mixed under 8 1000 handkerchief stop below the condition that spends ℃ of 90'C ^- 95, undertake vacuum evaporation. Add the active Bai Tu of factitious oily heavy 3%-5% next, undertake adsorptive decolour. Filter goes abandoning Bai Tu, decolour oil is in absolutely pressure 0.67 1000 handkerchief are the following, stop below the condition that spends 230'C -240'C, use the direct steam of 1000 handkerchief of pressure 0.1-0.2, distillation 3 hours of above, undertake deodorization. After undertaking refrigeration and filter of essence of life again, get advanced edible oil namely.

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