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What should notice in process of Edible Oil Machine

The Edible Oil Machine such as peanut oil, soya-bean oil is people the indispensable grease in daily life. The wholesome problem of Edible Oil Machine is the major issue that involves people health. Because this town enterprise is when Edible Oil Machine,should take wholesome requirement seriously particularly. It is to make oily raw material carry above all with should ask accord with sanitation surely. Oil plants is carrying the processing in keeping undeserved the Edible Oil Machine that can be made by pollution is caused by the meeting after people edible all sorts of disease influence people are healthy the harm is great and range is wide. Because this carries oil plants to want to use special,produce, only the edge forbids will toxic harmful substance and oil plants to mix install or use carry with the car. Forbidden use outfit crosses pesticide or the packing stuff with other simple toxicant reachs carriage tool shipping oil plants. In keep in storage the respect also should offer advantage. Because oil plants water content is different and forbidden,mix caboodle to must allow to so that be handled respectively,be put apart together. Once discover a form,dew phenomenon wants reasonable search makings area seasonable drying or insolation carry the bead that divide mildew to diffuse in order to reduce mould. Had better wait for oil plants to do the library that show a person to use polyethylene thoroughly plastic film is airtight deposit make lay aside makings maintains in dry the steady state with microtherm. Because oil plants breed is different method of its keep in storage is endless also and same also should treat respectively give different processing. For example of soja because soja seed coat is thinner,store up extremely easy below damp condition moisture absorption expands. Additional and ventilated right. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese urban and rural enterprise is wholesome " 1987 03 period environment and healthy magazine

City life rubbish breeds the nutrient composition of the earthworm and toxic substance analysis

Maggot fulfil is a kind of new animal albumen feed can reform again soil. Sanitation management is in Chongqing city environment to stretch tight mother of urban rubbish place and maggot benefit swings union to rise exploration gives a kind brief and the city using weapon of easy travel avoids vivid lofty firm the technics that breeds maggot Zhi. In view of maggot Zhi toxicant of can rich collect must make a thorough investigation of character the rudimental capacity ability of harmful material in turning over body, Hu dung is on the safe side, reasonable use provide scientific data the integrated benefit appliance that maggot of this pair of development stretchs tight. 4, mercuric cold atom absorbs a law. 5, one Ag of arsenic DDC law. , atom of blaze of zinc, Potassium absorbs a law. 7, the stannum, lead, chromic atom that do not have blaze absorbs a law. 8 ' law of analyse of layer of organic phosphor layer. · 9, 666, DDT ' law of gas phase color atlas. - L. , coliform value and ascarid egg computation consult in the G) that draw bid " mud dung coliform is worth and law of proved recipe of ascarid egg check ' strong 1... farm of Hu of maggot of office of government of environmental sanitation of city of same demit graceful Chongqing is offerred. 1, department of Zhi body pink is Japanese north star, large smooth, ' much Chongqing of hill of eyebrow of childish of cross of ED-XEM, TCP, · , closer place is planted wait for classics of the body that touch Shan abluent, dry, smash the rod after fine pink closes and become. " one · of · atmosphere is beautiful in January. 3, bait expects city life rubbish (straw of the main Xie He that it is dish is mixed less person. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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