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Yunnan much branch is found out " problem grease "

Be suspected of using industrial lardy and industrial fish oil serves as raw material, mix into mixes fat of Edible Oil Machine... a large grease produces Yunnan enterprise, was exposed to the sun to give birth a few days ago " problem grease " , cause social attention. Current and relevant investigate a case how? See reporter story please.   of   of $$     on May 22 afternoon, be suspected of using blame food raw material to violate the situation that produces Edible Oil Machine in the light of limited company of oil of Yunnan abundant luck, supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of food of administration bureau, province combines the supervisory bureau of technology of Yunnan province quality, business that save project hold news bulletin to meet, the problem is mixed related the bulletin investigate progress.   of   of $$     " problem grease " the information that the product omits   of   of   of $$ of carry out of sale in domestic market to save commission of safety of Kunming city food according to coming from Yunnan in Yunnan says, classics is preliminary find out, limited company of oil of Yunnan abundant luck is suspected of using industrial lardy and industrial fish oil serves as raw material, mix into mixes fat of Edible Oil Machine, product of produces fat of problem Edible Oil Machine is " auspicious is resembled " lardy, bucket holds card bulk oily blend oil of lardy, lardy vegetable, the product saves sale in domestic market to make work in Yunnan.   of $$     as we have learned, limited company of oil of Yunnan abundant luck is collect grease oil plants, sale, content shedding those who be an organic whole is integrated civilian battalion enterprise, it is the production of fat of Edible Oil Machine with our country the biggest southwest and trade business. Company main product includes " golden cauliflower " card and " Yun Rui " shift of card rapeseed oil, soybean oil, plant. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Commissariat of authoritative provenance People's Daily and grease

Winter of fat of our country Edible Oil Machine changes cent to carry a technology to reach its to apply an overview

1 grease winter changes cent to carry a principle fat of well-known natural Edible Oil Machine is the mainest constituent is triglyceride. Because form sort of its fatty acid and combination to differ to bring about the melting point between different triglyceride finally,triglyceride differs inside grease (or freezing point) different. The chain of fatty acid carbon that generally speaking makes triglyceride is longer, not degree of saturation jumps over Gao Jigan oil 3 ester melting point (or freezing point) lower vice versa. Grease winter changes cent to carry a technology to be based on oil is used below constant temperature condition difference of all sorts of triglyceride melting point and solubility differ to be grease depart photograph of solid, fluid the solid fat that 1 〕 of two parts 〔 originallies to say partly among them. Grease winter changes cent to carry general component to be 3 processes (1) nucleus forms photograph of fluid of ― of solid of;(2) crystal growing;(3) to depart (namely crystal depart) . Nucleus is formed and crystal growing a general designation is grease crystallization process. In a few melting point in the grease in this process (or freezing point) opposite taller triglyceride crystallizes above all form a lot of microcosmic grain the likelihood in these grain and grease exists grain of microcosmic solid impurity is in crystallization process have nucleus effect. Triglyceride did not crystallize to condense to these nucleus surface nucleus to also be brought up ceaselessly ceaselessly in liquid state grease make macroscopical crystal. No matter be microcosmic nucleus,generation or nucleus are brought up to all spend ― to this kind of chroma is differred and realize 〔 through solution supersaturation 1 〕 . Generally speaking. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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