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palm kernel oil processingThe health that soak installation expert is palm oil renown

palm kernel oil processingThe health that soak installation expert is palm oil renown

Well-known, palm oil enters the market with its low price, rapid and occupational market, those who get people approbate. Its apply extensively in the industry such as industry of meal course of study, food and course of study of oil chemical industry, call 3 lard fat of world with soybean oil, rapeseed oil at present, it is thus clear that its vendibility has many tall. But some people think palm oil is the poorest grease, do not suit human edible, palm oil after all whether edible, below make for you by expert of installation of soak of Henan China peaceful elaborate simply: 1, recently, the “ convenient provision that group of our country food sponsors refutes a rumor news briefing ” is held in Beijing, the expert that occupies institute of food of Henan industry university expresses, the nourishment that palm oil provides to healthy place of the mankind already got confirming scientificly, palm oil accords with standard of international food safety, the edible that is safe health is oily, broad consumption group can be at ease edible. No matter be palm oil or other edible grease, have active national level and international level, it is the scientific demonstration with constant course, this bit of everybody can be at ease; 2, palm oil is the palmy fruit that goes up by oily palm compress and become, pulp yields palm oil, nutlet yields palm kernel is oily. Palm oil contains a lot ofa variety of vitamin E, carotene nutrition composition that are beneficial to human body, be approbated by people place gradually. Palm oil is one of important members of world oil market, scale of oil total output has exceeded 30% . In the oil consumption scale of our country, palm oil exceeds rapeseed oil already this year, make oil of the 2nd big edible; 3, circulate the rumor says on the net, palm oil quality is poorer, long-term edible causes human body saturation fatty acid intake is too big, make cholesterol elevatory, cause partial disease thereby, be true? Soak installation expert points out, the saturated fatty acid of palm oil is opposite school is high, have very powerful decoct bomb and oxidation stability, this also brings about its to generate suspicion in the safety in decoct blast process, the expert expresses, palm oil and olive oil do not have difference to the influence of fat of human body blood, the influence to human body cholesterol also with its he does not have difference, accordingly, supporting distrustful attitude to the edible safety of palm oil is incorrect; 4, palm oil has He Ying to ring after all to disease of heart head blood-vessel, according to considering to show, saturated fatty acid and cardiovascular disease do not have dependency, with heart disease, diabetic wait not relevant also, much data shows edible palm oil won't cause disease of heart head blood-vessel. The action that additionally palm oil compares animal fat to improving cholesterol wants low get more much, so, soak installation expert expresses, palm oil accords with standard of international food safety, it is the edible grease of safe nutrition. Above is Henan China peaceful a few opinion about palm oil, the hope brings a help to everybody. Manufacturer of oil press of Henan China peaceful, manufacturer of whole set of equipment of professional soak equipment, fine equipment, oil press, specializationed technology and service, the expert makes oil refining plan, hua Tai is achieved for every user receive more value to make try hard ceaselessly. Cordial welcome comes to Hua Tai to inspect a choose and buy before broad user, information asks connection related more of understanding China peaceful

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